Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the march?

The march will begin on the south side of City Hall in Philadelphia. It will go about 3.5 miles down Broad Street to the Wells Fargo Center.

When is the march?

The March for Our Lives will begin at 3 pm on Monday, July 25th, 2016. However, there will be a number of events leading up to the march and other actions surrounding the DNC. Also, we are setting up our “Clintonville” or Tent City the weekend before the march to house homeless folks as well as marchers. (See our Clintonville page.)

Are there other events surrounding the DNC that PPEHRC is organizing?

Besides the march, there are a BUNCH of events that PPEHRC specifically is organizing around the DNC. Those can be found on our events page, which is coming very soon! Stay tuned and we’ll be sending that out and publicizing it soon. There are also many other actions and events surrounding the DNC that are not directly affiliated with the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

What should I bring?

  • Signs
  • Water
  • Rain gear/ponchos
  • Walking shoes
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Strollers
  • Wifi hotspots
  • Also see needs list for things we desperately need volunteers to bring on our Clintonville page

How do I get to Philadelphia?

Check out our Plan Your Trip page! We are working on organizing buses from various cities to Philadelphia.

Where will I stay?

There are several options:

  • We hope that many will join us in our Clintonville tent city which we will create out of assembled cots, tarps, tents, couches, etc. to house homeless folks and marchers during the DNC.
  • For those that want or need indoor housing, we do not currently have free indoor housing options arranged, however we are hoping to secure some spaces such as churches for those who need it. Until then, we hope those who can will arrange their own housing through our suggested sites:
    • The DNC Action Committee is partnering with Human Hotel. If you register by JULY 1ST, you can connect and be matched with a compatible host, but you must pay an annual fee of $50.
    • For those not able to pay the $50, we recommend using programs such as Couchsurfing or submitting a request for housing on the DNC Action Committee’s website.
  • If you wish to stay in a hotel, please make your own arrangements. You can find a list of socially responsible union hotels in the Philadelphia area here.
  • Finally if you definitely do need indoor housing and can’t make arrangements with Human Hotel, Couchsurfing, any hostels or hotels, contact us at and we will try and coordinate with you and accommodate your needs!

I live in Philadelphia and want to host people!

That is great because we urgently need more hosts. Please sign up here.

I want to stay in/help out with Clintonville! What do I do?

Please visit our Clintonville page for more info and a list of needed materials. We will update soon with more info and details.


We are working hard to ensure that we have a strong presence of human rights observers and legal support to keep everyone safe and well-informed during the march. We will also have Veterans for Peace working to ensure safety and security at the march, and will announce nonviolent direct action, legal, and safety trainings in the time building up to the march which can be found on our events page.

How about medics?

We have volunteer medics who will be stationed along the march route prepared to assist anyone who needs medical attention. For more info on that or to volunteer as a medic, please contact

I have a disability/am unable to march whole way?

We recognize that some folks are disabled, elderly, or just not able to march the whole 3.5 miles down Broad Street—we recognize these folks and wish to make this day accessible and accommodating to everyone! Folks not able to march at all can meet us directly at the conclusion of the march at the Power to the People rally under a tent in FDR park across from the Wells Fargo Center (cross-section of Broad and Pattison), which is a tenth of a mile from the AT&T Broad Street Line subway station (which is wheelchair accessible). Others who want to start the march and then switch to transit can find SEPTA Broad Street Line subway stations all the way down Broad Street. However, only Walnut-Locust, Oregon, and AT&T stations are wheelchair accessible. Visit to learn more about traveling around Philadelphia in a wheelchair, and please contact with specific concerns about disabilities and specific accommodations! We are also encouraging folks to bring wheelchairs–contact us at if you are willing to bring them!!

Can I bring my children?

Yes! PPEHRC is an intergenerational movement and we want our marches to be safe and accessible for people of all ages. Our kids will be marching with us. We also recommend that Philly kids between 7-17 register for the Mighty Writers event on the 26thRegister here!