Join us at our #Clintonville2016 tent city in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia!

Clintonville will be modeled on the Hoovervilles of the 1930s where the poor and unemployed built shanty towns.

Join us at the southwest corner of American St. and Somerset St. After a devastating storm Monday night, we need your participation, now all the more! Please donate what you can or bring water, fruit, or other food to the Clintonville encampment.

Please bring tents, tarps (tarps preferred), sleeping bags, blankets, towels, water, food to share, signs, paint, blank t-shirts, plastic garbage bags, electric lanterns, hammers and nails, rain gear, cords (to potentially help screen outdoor films), or other camping equipment if you can. Anything that is not used during the week of the DNC will be put to good use among Philadelphia’s poor and homeless communities.

Everyone who stays at Clintonville must sign an agreement to not participate in violence or drug use while at the encampment. This is especially important because there will be many homeless kids present, and they take priority.

Legal observers will be present around the clock.

For showers, we recommend that people get a $10 membership at Planet Fitness at 2641-63 E York St or try the YMCA at 1400 N Broad St.

We are also in need of two generators (contact us if you can help).