Welcome To Philadelphia


Bearing the Price of Hosting the
2016 Democratic National Convention, July 25-28, 2016

(Approx. $60 Million)

Common perceptions of our city…and how things really are…

“Affordable Northeastern Metropolis”

  • 5TH largest city in the country
  • 71 hotels in Philadelphia
  • 650 unsheltered homeless people on an average night1
  • $1,189 – average rent for a one bedroom apartment2

“Economic Hub”

  • 7 Fortune 1000 company headquarters
  • 8TH largest metropolitan economy in the country by GDP
  • $7.25 – minimum wage in Pennsylvania
  • $24.10 living wage for a family of four in Philadelphia3

“Eds and Meds”

  • 5 medical schools
  • University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) Medical School is ranked tied for 3rd for Research and tied for 11th for Primary Care nationally by U.S. News
  • $10 billion – The University of Pennsylvania’s endowment, yet UPenn is one of only two Ivy League universities that do not contribute Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) to their local governments
  • 130,000 Philadelphians between the ages of 18 and 64 lack health insurance, or about 8.5% of the population4
  • 24 public schools were shut down in 2013, and thousands of teachers and school support staff have been laid off, due to an ongoing state budget crisis in which the state legislature has been starving public school districts of necessary funds5

“Foodie Destination”

  • 958 food establishments in Center City
  • 369 outdoor cafes in Center City
  • 307,000 Philadelphians with little to no access to fresh food in their neighborhoods6

 “Cradle of Liberty”

  • 1752 – Year in which the Liberty Bell was cast
  • 2000 – Year in which 391 people were arrested during protests and civil disobedience outside the Republican National Convention; many charges were later dismissed in court7
  • 2016 – Year in which the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign’s demonstration permit was denied (again) for #March4OurLives2016, until the ACLU filed a lawsuit


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