On July 25th we will retrace the steps of the March for Our Lives on opening day of the Democratic National Convention. This year we need your help more than ever before! We want to make sure that the issues facing all of us are front and center for the world to see and hear! No to war and mass incarceration and yes to healthcare for all, food, housing, education and all economic, social and cultural rights!

If you are able to help with any of the tasks listed below or in any other way, please fill out this form.

In order to have the largest turnout again we need people who are able to help with:

1. Media work – People willing to work on our media team
2. Meme developer
3. Manage listservs and March updates
4. People to work on the Medic team
5. People to work on and join the March For Our Lives Choir
6. Sign and banner making
7. Tents and supply gathering for #Clintonville2016 Tent City
8. Identify indoor space for people to sleep (churches, etc.)
9. People of Faith Leaders willing to march with the poor
10. Bands/Singers to perform at concert on July 23rd
11. Filmmakers and photographers to assist in documenting the march
12. Food & water to assist low income marchers
13. Inviting organizations to join in the March
14. People willing to work with Our Peace Keepers 
15. Xerox flyers for us to post and handout!
16. Donate to our GoFundMe fundraiser
17. Organize a bus/van/car from your city!! And let us know about it here. Or donate to others if you can’t come.